About Red Trolley

Robb Bailey started Red Trolley Homes in 2009 and is dedicated to running the company by focusing on relationships with his clients and partners. Keeping with the “quality over quantity” mindset, Robb and his team are always looking for quality professionals to network with, as well as new clients who are in need of immediate assistance selling their property.

Red Trolley Homes is a full-service real estate solutions company, investing in properties nation-wide. Although our focus and expertise is in San Diego County, we work with a national network of full-time investors and real estate professionals (Realtors, closing agents, etc). This allows us to buy and sell real estate in any part of the country.

Just give us a call (we don’t bite). One of our team members will find out what your needs are so we can begin servicing your needs.

How Can Red Trolley Homes Help Me?

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Red Trolley Homes buys homes from sellers seeking quick & easy cash closings on their property
  • Red Trolley Homes sells homes to buyers who desire upgraded homes at below-market prices
  • Red Trolley Homes partners with private lenders who want high returns on real estate secured deals
  • Red Trolley Homes partners with real estate professionals buying or selling Wholesale Investment property

You can get in touch with us on our Contact page and let us know how we can help you, or pick up the phone and dial (800) 603-6931 to speak with Jessica right away.


Robb Bailey and Jessica Phelan Martinez make up the payroll for Red Trolley Homes. We are both rockstars and love building this business the right way. We are real people, you can check us out online or come on down for lunch.  Either way is fine with us!

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